Your KnowBe4 Fresh Content Updates from August

With 18 new pieces of training content added this month, check out the always fresh content update highlights and new features from the month of August.

New! 2021 Cybersecurity Awareness Month Resource KitCyber-Resources

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and to celebrate, KnowBe4 has a FREE security awareness resource kit!

Included are resources for your users like infographics, cybersecurity awareness tips and new posters, plus our most popular security awareness assets and a sample training plan.You'll also get access to two free training modules. 

We hope these resources help you keep your organization safe by keeping your users on their toes with security top of mind!

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KB4-CON EMEA - SEPTEMBER 23, 2021 KB4-Con-EMEA-600-257

Come join us, regardless of where you're located, for our KB4-CON EMEA Cybersecurity Virtual Summit September 23, 2021!

The agenda includes world-renowned security experts such as Kevin Mitnick and Mikko Hyppönen talking about the top cybersecurity topics. You'll also have the opportunity to learn more about KnowBe4's Security Awareness Training and PhishER products. 

You don't want to miss the fireside chat with Kevin Mitnick as he discusses the latest trends hackers use to social engineer your end users and cutting-edge techniques to better defend your organization. 

The best part; registration is FREE.

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New! Language Localization Options for the Admin Console 

We are excited to announce the availability of KnowBe4's new localization options for the Admin console. The KnowBe4 platform is now available in nine languages. In addition to language support for English, Portuguese, and Japanese, the following new languages are available for Admins to set as their default language: Chinese (Mandarin) Simplified, French (Europe), French (Canada), German, Spanish (Europe) and Spanish (Latin America).

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With multi-language support for the Admin console you can:

  • Enable your Admins in other geographic regions to manage the KnowBe4 console in one of nine languages
  • Ensure that Admin specific notifications from your KnowBe4 console such as bulk change results or import notifications are delivered in their selected language 

These new localization options are available across all KnowBe4 platform subscription levels.

Learn more on how you can take advantage of localization when implementing your security awareness training program within your organization! 

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KnowBe4 – Deepfake Awareness


We often rely on our senses of sight and sound to determine if something is real or not. But what happens when cybercriminals create fakes with the intent of deceiving us? Deepfakes are photos, videos, or sound files created with the intent to deceive, cause mistrust, and result in a loss of believability in the truth. This module provides awareness about deepfakes, how to identify them, and how to protect yourself and your organization from them.

Twelve new pieces of training content added this month. KnowBe4 training content is available at the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond subscription levels.

The Security Awareness Company – September Newsletter

Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 8.55.23 AM

Remote workers, whether traveling for business or working from home, face additional security threats not found in traditional office environments. As such, these employees must upgrade their security awareness skills to account for their surroundings.

In this month's edition, Security Awareness Culture, we cover remote security, which also includes ensuring that mobile devices are safeguarded from cyberattacks and loss or theft. The newsletter is available in 18 languages.

Five new pieces of training content added this month. Training content from The Security Awareness Company is available at the Diamond subscription level. 

El Pescador – LGPD: The Organization's Responsibilities

LGPD The Organizations Responsibilities with Quiz-1

Brazil's General Data Protection Law, also known as the LGPD, is the data privacy and security law that protects individuals whose data is collected or processed within the territory of Brazil. In this module, we will discuss the responsibilities of organizations that collect, process, store, and dispose of personal and sensitive data of individuals protected by this law and concludes with a quiz. 

The LGPD: The Organization's Responsibilities is available at the Diamond subscription level. 


In addition to fresh new training content, you want content localized to the language needs of your organization and users. That's why in addition to constantly updated and new content, KnowBe4 releases fresh new translations regularly to the ModStore. 

In the month of August, 272 new translations were added for the following training content categories: 

  • Newsletters/Security Documents/Posters: 44
  • Games/Assessments/Training Modules: 42
  • Video Modules: 186



Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 9.00.04 AM

To see the full list of new content added this month and an inside look into the KnowBe4 platform, sign up for the ModStore Training Preview today! 

The world's largest library of security awareness training content is now just a click away!

In your fight against phishing and social engineering you can now deploy the best-in-class simulated phishing platform combined with the world's largest library of security awareness training content; including 1000+ interactive modules, videos, games, posters and newsletters.

You can now get access to our new ModStore Preview Portal to see our full library of security awareness content; you can browse, search by title, category, language or content topics.

ModStore01-1The ModStore Preview includes:

  • Interactive training modules
  • Videos
  • Trivia Games
  • Posters and Artwork
  • Newsletters and more!

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