[World Premiere] KnowBe4’s New Season 4 of Netflix-Style Security Awareness Video Series - ‘The Inside Man’

Inside-Man-Season-4-Blog-AnnouncementWe’re thrilled to announce the long-awaited fourth season of the award-winning KnowBe4 Original Series - ‘The Inside Man’ is now available in the KnowBe4 ModStore!

This network-quality video training series entertains and educates with episodes that tie security awareness principles to key cybersecurity best practices. 

From social engineering, insider threats and physical security, to phishing, ransomware attacks and deepfakes, ‘The Inside Man’ Season 4 teaches your users real-world application that makes learning how to make smarter security decisions fun and engaging. 

We developed ‘The Inside Man’ to tie authentic hacking and social engineering scenarios with edge of the seat, emotionally engaging drama. The goal: inspire your users to take responsibility for protecting your organization from social engineering attacks through security awareness principles that are seamlessly embedded within a compelling storyline.

‘The Inside Man’ reveals how easy it can be for outsiders to penetrate your organization’s security controls and network. Season 4 is available in the KnowBe4 ModStore for all customers with a Diamond level subscription. For more info, read the press release here.

Different security issues are addressed in each of ‘The Inside Man’ episodes and include:

  • Episode 1: Crash the Party (Spear Phishing, Physical Security) 
  • Episode 2: Hostage to Fortune (Ransomware, Malware)
  • Episode 3: They Always Pay (Ransomware, Malware)
  • Episode 4: Appointment with Fate (Phishing, Social Engineering)
  • Episode 5: Trust Me (USB, Social Engineering, Human Firewall)
  • Episode 6: Under Pressure (Malware, Social Engineering)
  • Episode 7: Faking It (Social Media)
  • Episode 8: Nuclear Family (Social Engineering, Passwords/Authentication)
  • Episode 9: Party On (Social Engineering, Passwords, Social Media)
  • Episode 10: Suspicious Minds (Incident Reporting)
  • Episode 11: Bittersweet (Ransomware, Email Security, Human Firewall)
  • Episode 12: The Morning After (Social Engineering)

When We Last Left Our Heroes…How will Mark Shepherd and his crew deal with the shadow of his past that returned in the Season 3 finale? Join Mark, now running “Good Shepherd Cybersecurity” alongside best buddy AJ, loyal colleague Fiona and fellow ex-felon Maurice, as they’re brought in to handle a devastating ransomware attack by a mysterious hacker group, “The 404.”

The attack brought an international energy company to its knees; will Mark and his team have the skills to clean up the mess? Simultaneously a global influencer falls prey to a deepfake. Season 4 sees Mark and the crew tackling twin threats. He looks like a hero, but in ‘The Inside Man,’ nothing is ever that straightforward.

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