World Economic Forum: COVID Makes Cybersecurity Problem No. 1

iStock-1199334120The WEF just published their recent survey over worldwide corporate leaders. When asked about technology objectives that have become a greater priority due to COVID, they elevated information security to the No. 1 position, with business continuity and resilience following right after. These days, that's practically all in the IT domain. 

Here is a list of the five main cybersecurity challenges that global leaders identified should be tackled (better) in 2021. Cybersecurity is a board-level issue now for many firms:

  1. More complex cybersecurity challenges
  2. Fragmented and complex regulations
  3. Dependence on other parties (SolarWinds being a painful example)
  4. Lack of cybersecurity expertise
  5. Difficulty tracking cyber criminals

As per the World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report 2021, cyber risks continue ranking among global risks. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated technological adoption, yet exposed cyber vulnerabilities and unpreparedness, while at the same time exacerbated the tech inequalities within and between societies.

Looking at the year ahead, the WEF believes it is critical to continue elevating cybersecurity as a strategic business issue and develop more partnerships between industries, business leaders, regulators and policymakers. Just like any other strategic societal challenge, cybersecurity cannot be addressed in silos. Full post at the weforum site, and we recommend you forward that link to your management team, it's great budget ammo. 

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