Which Employees are the Cyber Criminals After?

Phishing_angleLower-level employees are the workers most likely to face highly-targeted attacks, according to the online marketing firm Reboot. Citing information from Proofpoint’s most recent quarterly analysis of highly-targeted cyberattacks, Reboot says that 67% of these attacks are launched against low-ranking employees. Contributors come in second, experiencing 40% of targeted attacks. Management and upper management both face 27% of these attacks.

6% of targeted attacks are aimed at executives. As Reboot notes, however, “given that upper management accounts for a smaller proportion of businesses, it suggests that those in C-level positions, directors, and department managers may be targeted disproportionately more often.” Attacks against executives are also likely to cause far more damage due to the executives’ level of access within the organization.

The numbers also indicate that the pharmaceutical industry faces the most attacks, averaging 71 spear phishing attacks per company over a three-month period. Construction companies came next, with 61 attacks per organization over the same period, followed by real estate firms with 54 attacks.

Reboot advises organizations to enforce sound security policies, as well as implementing training programs to help their employees spot phishing emails. Attackers can carry out devastating cyberattacks if just one employee falls for one of their tricks. New-school security awareness training can teach employees at every level of your organization how to identify these attacks.

PCMag has the story: https://www.pcmag.com/news/367368/these-employees-are-most-likely-to-be-in-cybercriminals-cro

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