When Ransomware Attacks Triple, You Need to Pay Attention!

sonicwallSecurity vendor SonicWall just released their latest report on cyberattack volumes… and the numbers are staggering.

We’re constantly hearing stats citing the increase in the number of attacks, malware variants, and the cost to organizations. Sometimes it can become a bit numbing. But when we hear about significant jumps in the state of attack, we feel it’s our responsibility to try to put the news front of mind.

The attention-getting stats you need to be aware of are those that are 2018 year to date:

  • 2 million Ransomware attacks (a 299% increase – that’s TRIPLE over last year!)
  • 2 million encrypted threats (a 283% increase)
  • 5 billion malware attacks (a 128% increase)

Cybercriminals are stepping up their game in response to more efficient security solutions and the impact of security awareness training.

More disturbing was the per-customer stats from SonicWall customers:

  • Over 2300 malware attacks attempted daily
  • Over 60 ransomware attacks attempted daily
  • Over 14 phishing attacks attempted daily

With the potential to bring in hundreds of thousands, to millions of dollars, annually with little more than an opportunistic automated attack, you can bet the cybercriminals are laser-focused on finding new ways to get past your security solutions. And if you’re one of the few organizations that don’t have a layered defense in place, along with effective security awareness testing and training up and running, your day may very well be coming.

With the potential to be the target of 14 phishing attacks a day, along with the realization of ransomware attacks tripling year over year, it's time to pay attention, get the buy-in of the board and your executive team, begin to plan to elevate the security awareness within your organization, and underpin it with a layered security solution strategy. 

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