What is the secret to keeping your network safe? Training and automation


Just in time before October's Cybersecurity Awareness Month, DomainTools released its second annual Cybersecurity Report Card in which infosec pros were surveyed about their security posture and asked to grade the overall health of their programs.

The yearly survey of more than 500 security professionals revealed that the health of cybersecurity programs has improved over the past year. The report also sheds light on how cybersecurity practices are evolving, and what successful organizations are doing to adapt to the ever-changing threat landscape.

While cybersecurity incidents have increased in 2018, so have the measures companies are taking to thwart attacks. Some 21% of respondents graded their security programs an 'A,' 42% rated their efforts a 'B,' and the number of 'C' and below grades have declined, according to the press release.

Five percent more organizations plan to step up security awareness training in the coming year

The positive feedback can be attributed to automation, better training, a bigger threat infrastructure map, and forensic analysis, said the press release. Some 92% of grade A companies credited automation to their success, as automation eliminates time-consuming manual security processes, said the release. Individuals who gave their companies D and F ratings, on the other hand, reported their processes to be highly manual.

Security awareness training efforts were instrumental in high ratings for companies as well, according to the release. The number of employees who intended on skipping trainings decreased by 50% from 2017, and 5% of organizations plan on improving their trainings in 2018, said the release.

Two takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Cybersecurity professionals are rating their companies' security efforts higher than last year. --DomainTools, 2018
  • The majority of security employees from highly-rated companies attributed their success to automation, training, threat intelligence, larger threat infrastructures, and forensic analysis. --DomainTools, 2018

Read the DomainTools 2018 Cybersecurity Report Card to get the full story behind the numbers and best practices. Download the report here.


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