Volunteer Cyber Crime Fighters Band Together in New York


Kim Nash reported in the WSJ Pro CyberSecurity newsletter—which I warmly recommend, it is an excellent daily news update—that "more than 100 applicants seek to volunteer their cybersecurity expertise to a program designed to help critical infrastructure organizations in New York respond to cyberattacks.

Cyrus Vance Jr., the Manhattan district attorney, told WSJ Pro’s Catherine Stupp that with no blueprint from the federal government for protecting vital organizations, the city is stepping up. The idea is to draw on technology and security professionals from finance, telecommunications and other sectors to prevent and address incidents like a ransomware attack that hit Baltimore two weeks ago."

Mr. Vance and Police Commissioner James O’Neill announced the new group in April in a Wall Street Journal opinion column. It is run by the New York City Police Department and the Manhattan district attorney’s office.




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