[VIDEO] Password Sharing Means Not Caring

How Fast Can Your Domain Admin Password Be Cracked?

19% of employees of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) share their passwords with coworkers, according to a study by Switchfast. These shared passwords are usually very weak and are rarely changed, leaving them vulnerable to brute-force attacks. Passwords are usually shared for convenience, but the practice drastically increases the likelihood that a critical account will be breached.

Not that you will share your domain admin password with anyone, but watch this brand new video and shiver.



Another finding of the survey was that C-suite leaders of SMBs tend to have worse security habits than their employees, with just 24% of executives saying they’ve enabled multi-factor authentication, compared to 31% of employees. While neither of those statistics is ideal, it shows that company executives are not leading by example when it comes to security.

Switchfast also found that only 49% of C-suite executives believe their company will be targeted by cyberattacks, while 65% of their employees think an attack is likely. This optimism on the part of executives might explain their lax attitude toward security.

The survey shows that there is a lack of security awareness at many small and medium-sized businesses, particularly among company leaders. Employees at every level of an organization need new-school security awareness training to improve their security stance and make them more mindful of the threats their organization faces. Naked Security has the story.


Are your user’s passwords…P@ssw0rd? Verizon's Data Breach Report showed that 81% of hacking-related breaches used either stolen and/or weak passwords. Employees are the weakest link in your network security, using weak passwords and falling for phishing and social engineering attacks.

KnowBe4's Weak Password Test checks your Active Directory for 10 different types of weak password related threats and reports any fails so that you can take action. Plus, you’ll be entered to win a Nintendo Switch! 

WPT gives you a quick look at the effectiveness of your password policies and any fails so that you can take action. WPT tests against 10 types of weak password related threats for example; Weak, Duplicate, Empty, Never Expires, plus 6 more.

wpt02Here's how Weak Password Test works:

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This will take you 5 minutes and may give you some insights you never expected. By the way, this is a free tool!

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