UN Report Shows the Whole World Needs a Cybersecurity Upgrade. Oh, Really...

UN_LogoJoseph Steinberg at Inc. Mag wrote: "A UN report released this week shows that despite global awareness of the proliferation of cybercrime and cyber-spying, many nations - including some of the world's most developed - suffer from severe deficiencies when it comes to cybersecurity.
Furthermore, the study shows, there is a huge range of preparedness when it comes to the cybersecurity capabilities of the world's most powerful nations."
I'm not blaming Steinberg who is a great writer, but pleeez, UN, tell me something new? Why on earth would the UN cover something that is so blindingly clear that a 5-year old could come to that conclusion?

Inc, continued: "The Global Cybersecurity Index was drafted after analysts examined the cyber-defense capabilities of 134 countries, focusing on five important criteria - technical, organizational, legal, cooperation and growth potential - and ranking nations based on a combination of those factors. Singapore - a nation skilled at leveraging technological innovations created by others - edged out the United States for the top spot. Despite any expectations to the contrary, countries like Malaysia, Oman, and Estonia also easily beat countries like Canada, Russia, Germany, India, and Israel."

Looking over the actual results of the United Nations in the last 50 years, it generally is entirely ineffective and a waste of money and time. Only a few of their units do great work, the rest is mired in corruption and red tape.  

If you have nothing to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon and are bored out of your skull, the full UN report is available online.  :-)




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