No One Knows How Online Pharmacy Company was Hit with a Data Breach Impacting 2.3 Million Customers

healthcare-data-breachThis is a cautionary tale of both how your data can legally end up in the hands of an organization you never intended and how victims can be largely left in the dark post-breach.

Normally when there’s a press release from an organization hit by a data breach, there are at least a few details that let customers know the company has a handle on what transpired, that the breach has been mitigated, and what customers impacted should do to protect themselves.

But in the latest data breach by online pharmacy order fulfillment company Postmeds (doing business as Truepill), the data breach notification was anything but helpful. Personal details including “name, medication type, and in some instances, demographic information and/or prescribing physician name” were included in the breach.

A Bleeping Computer article about the breach discusses how affected customers are wondering how Truepill even had their information. As it turns out Postmeds is the fulfillment organization for a number of online pharmacies and health insurance providers, so some customer details obviously must be shared.

There is virtually no detail on what the initial actions were that led to the data breach, with the exception of the statement around how they plan to enhance their state of security:

“…we are increasing awareness of cybersecurity threats through additional employee training.”

One could infer from this that a user falling for a social engineering scam via phishing or the web could be the means of initial access into the Truepill network. If that was indeed the case, we wholeheartedly support the notion of requiring users to take part in new-school security awareness training as a means to shore up that aspect of their cybersecurity stance.

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