Insurers Creating a Consumer Ratings Service for Cybersecurity Industry

The WSJ reported on news that a Collaborative effort led by Marsh & McLennan would score the best cyber security products for reducing hacking risk, and provide potential discounts on ...
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Norsk Hydro May Have Lost $40M in First Week After Ransomware Infection

Norwegian aluminum giant Norsk Hydro estimates that it may have lost more than $40 million in the first week following the ransomware attack that disrupted its operations.
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Beazley Data Reveals A 133% Increase In Business Email Compromise Incidents From 2017 To 2018

Business email compromises (BEC) accounted for 24% of the overall number of incidents reported to Beazley Breach Response (BBR) Services in 2018, compared to 13% in 2017, according to a ...
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[Heads-up] Ransomware Insurance Expert: "Bad Guys Do More Damage Than They Used To"

The ransomware plague is not letting up and rapidly getting more technically sophisticated. New strains are popping up every month, using innovative methods to spread. Worse, the ransom ...
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Security Awareness Training Can Lower Your Cyberinsurance Premium

New-school security awareness training might even pay for itself from Day 1! How? Call your cybersecurity insurance carrier or agent and specifically ask if you get a discount on the ...
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