BEC Scammers Stole $170,000 From Two Defense Contractors and a University

Two defense contractors and a university lost approximately $170,000 from business email compromise (BEC) scams last year, according to an FBI advisory obtained by CyberScoop. The ...
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Ins and Outs of Impersonation...and Kidnapping

Impersonation attacks and business email compromise (aka CEO fraud) can lead to far more dangerous consequences than monetary losses, according to Matt Devost from OODA LLC. Devost ...
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[Heads-up] Bad Guys Are Now Taking Over Email Inboxes Without Phishing Attacks

I found a great article in SecurityWeek by Alastair Paterson, the CEO of Digital Shadows. Could not have said it better myself, and he alerted everyone about an attack vector that was ...
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The Class Action Litigation Consequences of Business Email Compromise Attacks

Sunil Shenoi, Seth Traxler and Gianni Cutri are partners at Kirkland & Ellis LLP and advise clients on a variety of data security issues, including responding to data security incidents, ...
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