This Week's Five Most Popular HackBusters Posts Sept 16

hackbusters_Logo_betterThere is an enormous amount of noise in the security space, so how do you know what people really talk about and think is the most important topic? Well, we created the Hackbusters site for that. 
Hackbusters grabs feeds from hundreds of security sites, blogs and other sources. We track which topics are most liked, shared, retweeted and favored, and we built an algorithm that bubbles up the -real- hot topics. 


Here are a few of this week's most popular hackbusters posts:

1: Beware of vulnerability found in Bluetooth

2: Equifax Releases New Information About Security Breach as Top Execs Step Down

3: Ransomware Can Destroy Backups In Four Ways

4: Russian hacker was forcibly kept in Czech asylum

5: Equifax- or the new gold standard for “how not to do Incident Response”!

At Hackbusters you can see Trending, Most Popular and Recent news. Check it out. 

And while you are there, check out the Hackbusters Community!

The KnowBe4 HackBusters forum was established to facilitate online discussions
in information security, industry best practices and the ever growing threat
from hackers around the world. The forum boasts a vendor-neutral tech friendly
atmosphere, whereby members can openly discuss hot button issues and other
topics such as social engineering, ransomware and phishing, to name a few.

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