The KnowBe4 User Conference Was A Blast! Here Are Some Quick Impressions


The first KB4-CON 2018 in Orlando was super fun. Customers and Partners that attended walked up to me and said they loved it. Often they said it was the best conference they had been to for years. Here is just one response of many!

"So many new great features I will need to spend some time in the module. The 1st conference, I believe you can call it a success. I didn't see sunlight until day 3 because I didn't want to miss anything. I have 6 pages of notes to compile for my team to review back at the office.
"Was thrilled to meet you and Kevin, and I thank you all for the wonderful learning opportunity, and of course for your mission. I think the collaboration with others was worthwhile, next time I want to be able to attend the one-on-one lab, without having to miss a presentation. Thanks again."

Here is a 2:30 clip from Kevin Mitnick's keynote, where he demonstrates how to steal someone's prox card to get into a building.  It's a vimeo upload so hover over the image and click on the expand icon bottom right.



Here is the registration area where all attendees got their swag backpack with goodies and badge


This is the intro where I welcomed everyone:


Everyone together!


Breakout sessions:


Labs sessions:


CNBC taped us for a coming On The Money show


Frank "Catch me if you can" Abagnale was an inspiring speaker!


The KnowBe4 Conference Team pulled it all together in 10 weeks!


We're DONE and it was a HIT !!!


We're going to do this again next year! 


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