Suspicious Emails Are a Problem…to the Tune of 6.4 Billion a Day!


Even with authentication, identification, and validation frameworks and solutions in place, the number of potentially malicious emails remains staggering.

Phishing remains a major threat vector for organizations, serving as the delivery medium and starting point for Trojans, ransomware, cryptomining, and data breach attacks. So, it stands to reason that organizations should make every effort to spot suspicious emails as quickly as possible.

One way to quickly identify phishing email is to validate that it’s really from a reputable sender. The Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) protocol builds upon well-known email authentications protocols, such as SPF and DKIM and can provide organizations with a robust means of identifying and dealing with inappropriate email – be it spam or malicious in nature.

But even DMARC has problems of its own – according to anti-email impersonation vendor ValiMail, the enforcement failure rate of DMARC hovers around 75-80% for almost all organizations over the last three quarters, citing DMARC is difficult to configure correctly and completely.

Users also remain a problem – according to email security vendor GreatHorn, two-thirds of users see spam as the only threat in their Inbox. And yet, over 56% of email security professionals see email-based threats making it to the Inbox daily or weekly.

So, with 6.4 Billion emails still being a problem, DMARC not being properly implemented, and threats making it past email security solutions, you need to augment your security by including your users as part of your line of defense.

You can do so by elevating your user’s awareness of what threat tactics are being used by cybercriminals, where to be watchful for them, and what to do about it with Security Awareness Training.

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