Supreme Court “Summons” is the Latest Phishing Attack Aimed at Stealing Your Microsoft 365 Credentials

Hand about to bang gavel on sounding block in the court room-2Even the Supreme Court isn’t safe from brand impersonation in this scam intent on getting victims to click on a link to a supposed subpoena to attend a hearing.


There is no higher authority in the United States than the Supreme Court. So, it’s not entirely surprising to see a phishing scam pop up using the idea that the recipient victim is somehow unknowingly involved in a court case and is being summoned under penalty of law. Its' actual intent is to steal the victim’s Microsoft 365 logon credentials

I can’t fathom how any regular person would fall for this scam (as how many of us are involved in any court cases of any kind, let alone one being heard by the Supreme Court???) but I’ve seen worse scams that still managed to attract victims.

Researchers at security vendor Armorblox recently found this attack and offered up a few reasons why this attack is actually getting through to user’s Inboxes:

  • It’s only sent to a few people within an organization, rather than being a mass mail
  • It uses zero-day lookalike websites to spoof Microsoft 365 logon pages
  • It uses CAPTCHA technology to add legitimacy
  • It’s use of the Supreme Court may have likely been outstanding enough to catch the eye of the potential victim

Attacks intent on compromising Microsoft 365 online credentials is nothing new. So users should be enrolled in continual Security Awareness Training that keeps them updated on various scams and attack types to help protect online credentials that cybercriminals can use to commit data theft, fraud, hold data for ransom, and more.

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