Star Wars Rogue One: A Phish Story

Death Star - Star Wars Rogue One Phishing ScamWe’ve heard that scammers are exploiting the release of the new Star Wars movie by distributing malware disguised as free copies of the film. But what if we turned this on its head and used Star Wars to teach a lesson? The CyberWire has a video demonstrating how much simpler it would have been if the rebels had used social engineering to obtain the Death Star plans instead of launching a military assault.

Phishing is a relatively simple form of attack that’s cheap and easy for anyone to carry out, but it works so well that it’s used by every type of attacker, from unskilled criminals to the most sophisticated nation-state threat actors. New-school security awareness training can enable your employees to defend themselves against phishing attacks at all levels.

The CyberWire has the story:

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