North Korean Threat Actor Targeting Cybersecurity Researchers With Spear Phishing Attacks

Spear Phishing AttacksA suspected North Korean state-sponsored threat actor called “ScarCruft” is launching spear phishing attacks against cybersecurity professionals, according to researchers at SentinelOne.

“ScarCruft is testing malware infection chains that use a technical threat research report on Kimsuky as a decoy document,” the researchers write. “Kimsuky is another suspected North Korean threat group observed to share operational characteristics with ScarCruft, like infrastructure and C2 server configurations. Given ScarCruft’s practice of using decoy documents relevant to targeted individuals, we suspect that the planned campaigns will likely target consumers of technical threat intelligence reports, like threat researchers, cyber policy organizations, and other cybersecurity professionals.”

The researchers believe the threat actor’s goal is cyber espionage in support of the North Korean government.

“By targeting high-profile experts in North Korean affairs and news organizations focused on North Korea, ScarCruft continues to fulfill its primary objective of gathering strategic intelligence,” the researchers write.

“This enables the adversary to gain a better understanding of how the international community perceives developments in North Korea, thereby contributing to North Korea’s decision-making processes.”

SentinelOne concludes that the threat actor will continue impersonating cybersecurity researchers in future spear phishing campaigns.

“ScarCruft’s focus on consumers of technical threat intelligence reports suggests an intent to gain insights into non-public cyber threat intelligence and defense strategies,” the researchers write.

“This helps in identifying potential threats to their operations and contributes to refining their operational and evasive approaches. As we continue to track suspected North Korean threat actors and their pace of experimentation, we assess they have a growing interest in mimicking cybersecurity professionals and businesses, ultimately for use in the targeting of specific customers and contacts directly, or more broadly through brand impersonation.”

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SentinelOne has the story.

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