Something funny happened on the way to repealing Net Neutrality rules...


Sorry to interrupt your Thanksgiving, but this one has had me laughing all afternoon. You might have seen the news that the Trump-era FCC is planning to repeal the Net Neutrality rules passed by the Obama-era FCC a few years ago. As part of that process the FCC held a public comment period, during which a mind boggling 22 million comments were submitted by concerned individuals through an online site.

There’s just one little problem with those comments. A large number of them appear to be fake. And not just fake in the usual ordinary sense of fake, but submitted using hijacked names and identities scooped up from large data breaches that spilled into public view. See:

So, you — yes, YOU -- might have lobbied against Net Neutrality and not even known it. But not just you. Oh no. Some of your dead relatives might have risen from their graves to submit comments as well. I kid you not. Chicago’s legendary Mayor Daley has nothing on this crew.

It was a heckuva of party apparently. So popular, in fact, that another group of misfits decided to crash as well. Wanna guess who?

Yeah. A whole bunch of Russians showed up, too. Because what’s the purpose of doing anything fraudulent online if you can’t get Russian trolls to share in the fun?

Hope your turkey is sitting well. ;-)

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