So What Happens When Kevin Mitnick Meets Joe Perry?


So, Kevin Mitnick Meets Joe Perry from Aerosmith in Australia and someone asks him:

"I’d really like to ask what it was like to meet Joe Perry from Aerosmith but given this is a cyber-security conference what I should ask is “In cyber security we can’t continue with the Same Old Song and Dance. How do organisations Get A Grip, stop Living On The Edge and do What It Takes so they keep the Sweet Emotion of not being on the front page, and don’t get Jaded, ending up on The Other Side of a breach with a business going on a Permanent Vacation?”

Here is Kevin's answer:

"Don’t wait until Janies Got a Gun, you must be vigilant and proactive when it comes to protecting yourself against bad actors. It’s time to go Full Circle to train your employees to Walk This Way to get them on the right track. That way we can say No More No More to human-based attacks. We all need to layer our defenses, maintain excellent configuration management, and actually onboard the security products we purchase. Moreover, we need to set up tripwires on our workstations and servers and Do What it Takes to catch the bad guys in our network. Most importantly, if we Come Together right now we can really make the difference!"

(The Songs are in initial caps LOL)

Let's stay safe out there. But have some fun too!

Warm regards,
Stu Sjouwerman
Founder and CEO,
KnowBe4, Inc


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