[New Feature] Start Coaching Your Users in Real Time With the New Google Chat Integration for KnowBe4's SecurityCoach

SecurityCoach Google Chat IntegrationAttention Google Workspace users! You’ve asked, and we’ve delivered, integrating KnowBe4's SecurityCoach with Google Chat.

Now you can use Google Chat messages to offer immediate, actionable security advice the moment a user demonstrates risky behavior. These instant messages turn mistakes into learning moments, helping your users stay alert and savvy about possible online threats.

Training Moments When They’re Needed Most

KnowBe4's SecurityCoach with Google Chat delivers proactive defense, teaching users to be more discerning and security-minded, creating a stronger security culture for your organization. 

The new Google Chat integration joins Slack and Microsoft Teams to reach users on more platforms, ensuring no one misses an opportunity to learn. This integration is the newest way to deliver hundreds of possible SecurityTips to your users. 

What SecurityCoach Means For You

  • Immediate Teaching: Users get help as soon as they take a risky action, which makes it easier to remember and apply sound cybersecurity practices

  • Reaching Users Where They Are: With the addition of Google Chat to existing platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams, the tool makes sure it educates everyone, regardless of where they communicate

  • Custom Tailored Advice: Adjust the messages your team receives based on their roles or risk levels, making sure the content is relevant and effective, using rule-based automation

  • Integration with Current Security Systems: Enhance your current security system by incorporating this feature of real-time feedback

See It In Action

Ready to take the new SecurityCoach integration for a spin? Register Now for our live demo on April 3!


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SecurityCoach enables real-time security coaching of your users in response to risky security behavior. Based on the rules in your existing security software stack, you can configure your real-time coaching campaign to determine the frequency and type of SecurityTip that is sent to users at the moment risky behavior is detected.

SecurityCoach is an optional add-on for KnowBe4 customers with a Platinum or Diamond level security awareness training subscription. Request a Demo today!

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