IT Security in the enterprise: Things are looking up!

Cybersecurity is quickly becoming the number one business priority, says identity and access management company Okta.

Based on the results of an analysis of authentication and verification events made through the company’s enterprise offerings between November 1, 2016 to October 31, 2017, security tools by Jamf, KnowBe4, DigiCert, Cisco, Mimecast, Sophos, and CloudFlare all ranked in the top 15 fastest growing apps for the first time.


“Jamf, which provides software for managing and securing Apple devices, is a notable newcomer to the list and the fastest growing app in our network with 389% year-over-year growth.

Security awareness training company, KnowBe4 grew 290% in the past year, indicating organizations’ increased focus on training employees around security best practices and ways to combat social engineering attacks,” the company noted.

These results definitely point to companies having increased security spending. More insights about identity attacks, passwords and multi-factor auth, and other popular apps for developers and eLearning at helpnetsecurity:

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