[SCAM OF THE WEEK] New "Final Warning" Sextortion Emails State Adult Sites Infected You


Bleepingcomputer reported this week: "A new sextortion email campaign is underway that states a hacker infected the recipient's computer while they were visiting an adult web site. The email goes on to say that this infection created a video using the computer's webcam while they were on the site and will be sent to family and friends unless an extortion payment is made.

This particular sextortion phishing campaign appears to have started March 11 and uses an email subject of "This is my final warning" and states that the recipient has 72 hours to send a $2,000 payment in bitcoins or a video will be released to their family and friends." Here is a screenshot:



 I suggest you send this reminder to your users. Feel free to edit, copy/paste: 

"Sextortion BOLO. Be on the lookout for a new scam where scammers pretend to be hackers who have infected your computer with a virus that records videos of you while you are on adult websites. They threaten to send the video to all of your contacts and Facebook friends unless you send them a payment in bitcoin. The reality is that this is a complete scam, you were not infected with a video recording infection from an adult site, and you should definitely not pay the extortion demand. If you get emails like that, please follow our organization's email security policy, and remember to Think Before You Click!  [OPTIONAL]  Click on the Phish Alert Button to delete it from your inbox and at the same time alert IT about this scam. 

Let's stay safe out there.

Warm regards,
Stu Sjouwerman
Founder and CEO,
KnowBe4, Inc


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