Scam Of The Week Child Predator Phishing Scam

Child Predator Phishing Scam Preys On Parents Fears

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Just when you think phishing criminals cannot sink any further, you get confronted with a "new low". This phishing scam preys a on parent's fear.The scam email looks like a warning for parents about a child predator that moved into their zipcode area, but it’s a really low phishing scam.

You receive an email with a subject line like: “Alert: There is a child predator living near you!” This information is based on your “local area zip code.”  But you don’t remember signing up for such a service. 

When you open the email, it "warns" you that a predator has moved into your area and it provides a link for more information. As you by now know, clicking the link infects your computer with malware that will try to steal your passwords, credit information, your passwords up to and including your identity.

If you might click on the link, you are redirected through several sites to land on the Kids Live Safe website, which is a service that sells localized reports on sex offenders. But this phishing attack is not from that website, it just sends victims there to try to look credible and distract your attention from the fact your computer is now infected with malware.  Here is an example of how this scam looks:



Cyber criminals are getting more sophisticated by the month. It is really a must to step employees through effective security awareness training and send them simulated phishing attacks on a regular basis. Find out how affordable this is for your organization today.

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