Ransomware Beats APT In Terms Of Severe Impact

Virus Bulleting RAP IndexMalwareBytes Research showed that in the year 2014, 82% of companies were attacked online. Their research also showed that browser vulnerabilities will be the biggest challenge going forward in 2015. 

But the most salient point that came out of this research was that the threat from ransomware to the enterprise environment was shown to weigh heavily on the minds of those whose businesses were infected.

Despite being the least prevalent specific threat in terms of overall numbers, Infosec pros who did experience ransomware rated it as most severe in terms of impact, beating even APTs.

In addition, the survey outlines growing concerns around traditional security suites. An overwhelming majority of respondents, 84%, agreed that traditional anti-virus has become less effective in the face of modern threats. This has seemingly forced those in charge of security budgets to consider a layered approach, with 78% of businesses questioned planning to deploy multiple endpoint solutions by the end of 2015.

“It’s sobering to see such a large number of companies suffering from attacks,” said Marcin Kleczynski, CEO of Malwarebytes. “The growing concerns over browser vulnerabilities are a particularly notable trend, speaking volumes about their effectiveness as an attack method. Given the ever-advancing threat landscape, it should be obvious by now that an endpoint security strategy built around a single traditional anti-virus solution isn’t enough.” 

It is clear that antivirus can't keep up anymore. It's time for additional layers at the endpoint. Obviously MalwareBytes is a good idea, but you should also think about whitelisting technology that only allows known-good code to run. More about this at DarkReading:


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