PSA: How To Recognize Disinformation

Knowbe4_ep25-thumbOne of the skills everyone needs to prevent social engineering attacks is to recognize disinformation. False information that is intended to mislead people has become an epidemic on the internet. It is being used by cyber criminals, state-sponsored bad actors, influence campaigns, and now and then even in politics.

Acting on false information can sometimes cause damage to oneself or one's organization. It is a prudent thing to make sure that the data you operate on is correct, and has not been twisted for someone's purpose. Yes that means today you cannot simply believe what you read anymore. That is even true for old-time newspapers, but especially data that comes from sources on the internet, especially social media. A healthy amount of skepticism is a must these days.

Here's a KnowBe4 Public Service Announcement in the form of our Captain Awareness Video #25 (1:30) where the Cap explains he was the victim of Disinformation and Deepfakes.



Take the lesson in here at heart and share this PSA with your employees, friends and family:

  1. Consider the source of the information. Is it legitimate of proven to be reliable?
  2. Read past the headline. Don't assume the entire story is true, especially if the headline is worded in a way that catches your attention.
  3. Don't assume information is correct just because it confirms your beliefs.
  4. Check the date. Information from the past can be manipulated into looking like up-to-date facts.

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