PhishLabs Reports That Credential Phishing Has Shifted To The Enterprise


Why is credentials phishing moving from consumers to the enterprise, just like ransomware has done in the last 2 years? The answer might surprise you.

Elliot Volkman at the PhishLabs wrote: "Last week we published the 2018 Phishing Trends and Intelligence report and presented on the topic during a webinar, and the primary key finding highlighted why enterprise organizations are now the primary target over consumers.

"The following is a high level look at what our Director of Threat Intelligence, Crane Hassold, discussed during the webinar.

"While the shift is our primary key finding for this year, there are several important components that led to it. For starters, email and online services took the number one spot for phishing attacks, the adoption of SaaS based technology led to a rapid increase in attacks, email can be used for two-factor protection and password resets, and at the heart of it all is the continued effectiveness of social engineering. Combined, there is a clear shift from consumers to organizations being targeted.

"So how did we identify such a momentous shift in targets? In the past year we analyzed more than 1.3 million confirmed suspicious phishing sites across more than 300,000 domains, with more than 12,000 attacks analyzed and mitigated each month. In turn, our research team was able to identify several new trends, with the largest being the shift to Enterprise and why it is occurring."

I recommend you read their full blog post here:

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