Phishing Trends Recap of COVID-19 Related Phishing Schemes

COVID-19-POST3Our Chief Evangelist Strategy Officer Perry Carpenter took a bit of time and summarized the crazy month of March 2020 looking at the exponential growth of COVID-19 themed phishing attacks.

Here is his video which illustrates the urgent need to step your employees through new-school security awareness training the moment they start working from the house. 


One thing to look at is the recent brand new graph we published showing the number of fresh COVID-19 phishing templates. It's excellent ammo to add to your budget request for immediate approval to train your employees against the current tsunami of social engineering attacks. 

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products-KB4SAT6-2-1New-school Security Awareness Training is critical to enabling you and your IT staff to connect with users and help them make the right security decisions all of the time. This isn't a one and done deal, continuous training and simulated phishing are both needed to mobilize users as your last line of defense. Request your quote for KnowBe4's security awareness training and simulated phishing platform and find out how affordable this is!

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