Phishing Nightmare? New "Deadline" Email From Equifax Settlement Administrator Notifies of Changes in Filing.


You’d better check your email queue for a new email from The Equifax Breach Settlement Administrator that was sent out several days ago to those who previously filed a claim. It will include your claim number prominently noted at the top.  If you don’t read that email carefully and take action, you will be eliminated from the settlement entirely. 

Someone finally realized the math didn’t work and that way too many people filed claims. There was only $31 million dollars allocated in the cash pool to split between the approximately 147 million people whose information was breached; and who also chose the $125 cash payout, or who may have out of pocket expenses incurred (up to $20,000) from an actual identity breach. 

Since so many data breaches have occurred and so many people already offered credit monitoring, LOTS of people went for the cash payout.  This new letter sure seems to be an effective way to narrow down the pool of claimants. You will need to verify or amend your claim on the official settlement site or be eliminated by the deadline, October 15, 2019.  

If you don’t take action, your claim for alternative compensation will be denied according to the letter.  Make sure the email comes from, the official email address of the settlement and be careful to go to the official Equifax settlement site and not a phishing site or evil twin. 

Scammers could easily use social engineering tricks and take advantage of this urgency. You can join in the discussion on our Hackbusters Forum. It’s our community for discussion of all things related to social engineering.

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