Phishing Kits Undergo an Evolution in Feature Set, Demand, and Branding

Cybercrime Has Global EcosystemNow being commonly referred to as “Scama” – short for Scamming Method – these kits are being sold promoting highly advanced feature sets, turning the novice scammer into a pro.

I’ve covered a number of Phishing-as-a-Service kits on this blog, but we’re seeing an evolution in both the kit features and how they’re being promoted on the dark web.

According to new details provided by security vendor Vade Secure, Scama are showing up more frequently and with impressive functionality, including:

  • Email Templates
  • Web Pages with responsive design
  • Anti-bot protection
  • Checkers to verify victim phone numbers or email addresses don’t appear on blacklists

Additionally, some Scama are being sold with SMS spamming functionality where hacker customers can send massive volumes of SMS-based text messages to launch their campaigns.

This is scary stuff – literally anyone can be a cybercriminal and need little more than a method of payment to get started.

According to Vade Secure, these scams generally start with either a text message or phishing email, putting the emphasis on the individual user receiving either to be vigilant, looking for signs that this could be a scam. All of which are taught to those users who take new-school security awareness training.

You should assume this evolution of toolkits is only going to exponentially grow in number and sophistication. The only real defense is the individual who receives the message.

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