New Phishing-as-a-Service Kit Attempts to Bypass MFA

Phishing Kit Bypass MFAA Phishing-as-a-Service (PhaaS) platform called “Tycoon 2FA” has surged in popularity over the past several months, according to researchers at Sekoia. The phishing kit is notable for its focus on bypassing victims’ multi-factor authentication measures.

“Our monitoring of the prominent PhaaS kit revealed that Tycoon 2FA has become one of the most widespread AiTM phishing kits over the last few months, with more than 1,100 domain names detected between late October 2023 and late February 2024,” Sekoia says.

“In mid-February 2024, we identified a new emerging version of the Tycoon 2FA that was widely distributed in the wild. This new version enhances its obfuscation and anti-detection capabilities and changes network traffic patterns.”

The phishing sites are distributed via emails with malicious links or QR codes.

“The customers of the Tycoon 2FA PhaaS mainly distribute their phishing pages using redirections from URLs and QR code, which are embedded in email attachments or email bodies,” the researchers write.

“The Tycoon 2FA service provides their clients with templates of phishing attachments (HTML pages), aiming at offering ready-to-use decoy documents, and making it easier for cybercriminals to carry out their campaigns. For example, some PDFs use human resources, financial, or security-themed lures to convince the target into following the next steps up to sharing their credentials and resolving the MFA challenge. Sekoia observed decoys impersonating DocuSign, Microsoft, Adobe, among others.”

The phishing kit’s targeting is largely indiscriminate, although some users focus on employees in certain departments.

“Most of the phishing campaigns carried out by the Tycoon 2FA customers seem to target organisations worldwide, by sending large volumes of phishing emails,” the researchers write. “Some of the customers focus on identifying and targeting employees in the financial, accounting, or executive departments to take advantage of their access through fraud or use of privileged information.”

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Sekoia has the story.

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