Phishing Attacks Aimed at Social Accounts Now in the Top Three Targeted Sectors

Phishing Attacks Aimed at Social AccountsNew data on the use of impersonation in phishing attacks focused on social media accounts shows some very realistic and worrisome websites and emails that could definitely fool you.

We’ve discussed the most impersonated brands many times, with Microsoft nearly always dominating the list. But new data from CheckPoint’s Q3 Brand Phishing Report shows threat actors are shifting focus – Microsoft’s share of impersonated brands dropped from 45% in Q2 to just 29% in Q3. This new report shows social media has become of great interest – specifically WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Facebook – in the top ten imitated brands.

What’s truly scary about attacks using these brands is the realism found in the examples. Long gone are the days of poorly-worded and equally poorly-designed webpages and emails, and today’s impersonation is an exercise in perfection. Take a look at some of the examples from the report:






































The images speak for themselves; cybercriminals realize the value in credentials – whether to access the compromised account or to use the harvested credentials as part of a password spray attack across multiple websites to gain additional access - and are putting in the effort to be certain to obtain them.

Because of the credibility found in these new attacks, it’s absolutely imperative that you educate your users on being mindful when unsolicited emails come in (even when they are seemingly from VERY familiar and trusted sources!) through continual Security Awareness Training.

Don’t get hacked by social media phishing attacks!

Many of your users are active on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Cybercriminals use these platforms to scrape profile information of your users and organization to create targeted spear phishing campaigns in an attempt to hijack accounts, damage your organization's reputation, or gain access to your network.

KnowBe4’s Social Media Phishing Test is a complimentary IT security tool that helps you identify which users in your organization are vulnerable to these types of phishing attacks that could put your users and organization at risk.

SPT-monitorHere's how the Social Media Phishing Test works:

  • Immediately start your test with your choice of three social media phishing templates
  • Choose the corresponding landing page your users see after they click
  • Show users which red flags they missed or send them to a fake login page
  • Get a PDF emailed to you in 24 hours with your percentage of clicks and data entered

Go Phishing Now!

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