[New Feature] Find Out if They've Got a Bad Reputation in Record Time with PhishER Plus Threat Intel

[New Feature] Find Out if They've Got a Bad Reputation in Record Time with PhishER Plus Threat IntelThe PhishER Plus platform just got smarter with the addition of the new PhishER Plus Threat Intel feature that integrates web reputation data into the PhishER Plus console.

PhishER Plus Threat Intel offers rapid automated responses to online threats and bolsters your organization’s defense system.

Web-based attacks are a colossal challenge for many organizations like yours. Your response teams are still reliant on slow manual methods for analyzing threats, resulting in malware attacks that can go undetected for weeks, making it easy for attackers to heist  your sensitive data.

Revolutionize Your Threat Management with Website Reputation Data

PhishER Plus Threat Intel harnesses website reputation data, integrating analytic insights on website trustworthiness and security history directly into your PhishER Plus console. With valuable data from Webroot, a renowned threat intelligence leader, this feature allows your Security Operations Center to swiftly identify and address web-based threats without any delay.

With PhishER Plus Threat Intel you get:

  • Accelerated Threat Detection: Say goodbye to drawn-out threat hunting with rapid, automated alerting and workflow processes
  • Endpoint Protection Expertise: Experience the trusted capabilities of Webroot, integrated into the PhishER Plus ecosystem
  • A Unified Threat Response Platform: Simplify your response strategy with an all-in-one console for email and web threat management
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Threat Intel comes to PhishER Plus without the need for additional Webroot licenses — it's all included

By integrating real-time web reputation data into the PhishER Plus console, PhishER Plus Threat Intel automates processes, removes gaps in awareness and prompts smart threat responses, all from one location. It's a tool that enables your security team to respond to threats faster, stay alert, and maintain a strong security posture in the face of evolving cyber threats.

PhishER Plus Threat Intel empowers security teams to react swiftly, stay vigilant, and uphold a robust defense against the ever-evolving cyber threats landscape. With KnowBe4's PhishER Plus, your team not only keeps pace but stays steps ahead in the race against cyber adversaries.

Live Demo: Supercharge Your Anti-Phishing Defense with PhishER Plus

Email alone is the highest cause of data breaches and 56% of all attacks bypass your legacy security filters! The upshot? Legacy email security layers let these digital time bombs slip into the inboxes of your users. Introducing PhishER Plus - the most powerful anti-phishing protection available in the world.


To learn how we can make such a claim, get a product demonstration of the new PhishER add-on, PhishER Plus. In this live one-on-one demo we will show you how you can:

  • Block email threats that have bypassed all other email security filters or systems before they reach your users’ mailboxes with the Global Blocklist
  • Isolate malicious emails that already bypassed your mail filters through automated quarantine with Global PhishRIP
  • Crowdsource threat intelligence from 10+ million KnowBe4 trained users
  • Save time and budget by reducing the volume of remediation efforts handled by your SOC Team
  • Leverage the power of triple-validated threat intelligence to protect your organization from new attacks

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