Over Half of Employees Don’t Adhere to Email Security Protocols


A new survey by Barracuda Networks shows that the vast majority (87%) of decision makers believe email threats will rise in the coming year. However, companies are ill-prepared to defend against these threats. In fact, 94% of respondents acknowledged that email remains the weakest link in their cyber defenses.

In the majority (57%) of organizations, most attacks target the finance department. However, attacks on customer support are on the rise, with nearly one-third (32%) of firms identifying this as the most targeted department. According to Chris Ross of Barracuda, this “could indicate a new emerging trend for would-be attackers.”

The survey also underlines the risk of negligent employees, with 56% of respondents stating that some of their staff members don’t follow security policies. Read more at InfoSec Magazine: Over Half of Employees Don’t Adhere to Email Security Protocols

Will your users fall for social engineering attacks?

KnowBe4's new Phishing Reply Test (PRT) is a complimentary IT security tool that makes it easy for you to check to see if key users in your organization will reply to a highly targeted phishing attack without clicking on a link. PRT will give you quick insights into how many users will take the bait so you can take action to train your users and better protect your organization from these fraudulent attacks!

PRT-imageHere's how the Phishing Reply Test works:

  • Immediately start your test with your choice of three phishing email reply scenarios 
  • Spoof a Sender’s name and email address your users know and trust
  • Phishes for user replies and returns the results to you within minutes
  • Get a PDF emailed to you within 24 hours with the percentage of users that replied

Go Phishing Now!

PS: Don't like to click on redirected buttons? Cut & Paste this link in your browser:


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