One-Third of Organizations Experience Ransomware Attacks At Least Weekly

One-Third Experience Ransomware Attacks WeeklyNew data shows attempted ransomware attacks are occurring far more frequently while a lack of confidence is found in security measures and solutions to stop ransomware attacks.

We’d like to think that as cybercriminals improve their game that security solutions and organizational cybersecurity programs, policies, and procedures would equally evolve to continually stand toe-to-toe with the current state of ransomware attacks. But new data found in Menlo Security’s 2022 Impacts: Ransomware Attacks and Preparedness report demonstrates that this just isn’t the case.

According to the report, just about every organization is experiencing ransomware attacks to some degree:

  • 53% have been the victim of an attack in the last 18 months
  • 33% experience ransomware attacks weekly
  • 9% experience them daily

This is far more frequent than just a year or two ago. So, we’d expect that security stances are equal to the task of protecting the organization, right?

Not so fast.

According to the report, Email was found to be the #1 ransomware attack vector posing the greatest risk. And yet, only 62% of organizations are confident that their security solutions focused on phishing attacks will actually protect them against ransomware attacks. Add to this 43% of organizations say employees are their weakest cybersecurity link. This only compounds the problem; organizations know email and phishing are a big issue, and yet they aren’t taking steps to change the employee from a cyber-liability to becoming a part of the organization’s security strategy.

Through Security Awareness Training, employees learn to spot phishing and social engineering attacks that make it past security solutions, thereby avoiding any interaction with malicious content that may lead to a ransomware – or any other – attack.

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