Nice! I Made it in The Top 25 Cybersecurity CEOs to Watch in 2024

CyberExpressHeaderThe CyberExpress is a VC-backed cyber security news mag that provides the latest news and analysis about the information security industry. They published an article December 20, 2023 titled "Top 25 Cybersecurity CEOs to Watch in 2024."

"These leaders have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to innovation, employing cutting-edge technologies to fortify security defenses. In an era marked by relentless technological evolution and the omnipresence of cyber threats, the role of cybersecurity professionals has become increasingly important." 

"The cybersecurity CEOs embody a remarkable blend of expertise, adaptability, and forward-thinking leadership that sets them apart in security domain. As stewards of technological advancement, these CEOs are not merely guardians of data; they are architects of the future, steering their organizations with unparalleled vision and resilience. Their ability to anticipate and proactively address online threats places them at the forefront of the cybersecurity industry."

I am honored and humbled to be on this list.

Here is the link to the full article:

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