New Phishing Category: Controversial/NSFW*Offensive Language*

We get thousands of real phishing emails in, reported to us by customers using the free KnowBe4 Phish Alert Button.  
On a daily basis, these reported phishing emails get analyzed by the KnowBe4 Labs team, and recently they have identified a disconcerting trend: cyber criminals are increasingly starting to use shocking/rude/aggressive emails to conduct their social engineering attacks.
We decided to provide the option for our customers to also conduct this type of controversial simulated phishing attacks, so they can inoculate their employees against this emerging method, at the customer's discretion of course.  
We created a new phishing template category: "Controversial/NSFW*Offensive Language*" with real de-fanged phishing attacks that are available for tests. We are very aware that this category may not be an option for many customers and will not fit their corporate culture, but we would be amiss in not providing this category for the customers that decide to go this route.  Here is how it looks currently: 
We wanted to alert you about this, so that you do not by mistake include the "controversial" category in a campaign, because these templates likely contain offensive language.
For customers where this is a fit with their culture, we recommend to start with a 2-Star template and then slowly move it up from there.
Warm regards, 
Stu Sjouwerman
Founder and CEO
KnowBe4, Inc.

Topics: Phishing

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