New Deloitte Threat Study Shows The Fantastic ROI of Cyber Crime Operations


Deloitte estimates that some common criminal businesses can be operated for as little as $34 month and could return $25,000, while others may routinely require nearly $3,800 a month and could return up to $1 million per month. 

For example, phish kits continue to be the overall most affordable approach both in terms of low estimate and average cost, while banking trojans are costlier, on average.

A multiple payload campaign, unsurprisingly, is potentially the most expensive criminal business modeled in the study. For every category of criminal, a product almost certainly exists which caters to their needs. The cost of these products does not necessarily correlate to the skill level of the threat actors who purchase them. Regardless, all are extraordinarily low cost compared to the resulting impact to the compromised organization. Article with links here:

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