Netflix, ABC Hacker Promises More Phishing: "Hollywood Is Under Attack"

Hollowood_Reporter_Article_DarkOverlord.jpgThe Hollywood Reporter (THR) talked directly to TheDarkOverlord hacking collective that claims to have studio films. They said: "We're in the business of earning vast amounts of internet money."

And when THR asked if the hacking collective planned to leak additional Hollywood content in the wake of Monday's release of eight unaired episodes of ABC’s Funderdome, the chilling response was: "There's always more".

In tried-and-true sensational Hollywood style, THR continued with: "But even more alarming, TheDarkOverlord also claims to have studio movies in addition to the unaired series and films from such networks as IFC and National Geographic that have been been previously reported. Though Netflix and Disney/ABC balked at paying ransom demands, others quietly have paid up, according to knowledgeable sources."

"Make no mistake, Hollywood is under assault," the hacking collective wrote to THR. On April 28, the group uploaded 10 episodes of the upcoming season of Orange Is the New Black to The Pirate Bay. The fifth season of the Netflix series isn't officially set to begin streaming until Friday." Here is the whole THR article.

So, Who Is Next?

Losing a movie file that cost 200 million to make is obviously a disaster, but a release through torrent still only reaches a small part of the net, and mostly people who might not cough up the money to see the movie in the first place.

But what of the crown jewels in your own organization? If those would be sold to the competition in China who then bring your product to market for 30% of your price, that would mean massive losses. This has been happening numerous times. And in most of the cases, it was done through spear phishing attacks using social engineering

Your Employees  Are Your Last Line Of Defense

Bad guys go for the low-hanging fruit. If you want to spend less time putting out fires, get more time to be proactive, and get the things done you know need to be done, step employees through effective security awareness training.

It will help you prevent this kind of disaster or at least make it very hard for the bad guys to social engineer employees. Find out how affordable this is for your organization:

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