MSPs Should Offer Security Awareness Training as Part of a Complete Security Service Offering

easiest-to-sellThe opportunity to both better secure customers while generating recurring revenue through customer end-user education is ripe for the taking for MSPs focusing on security services.

MSPs today need to augment their services beyond basic Remote Monitoring and Management to include other services such as Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Security. The focus tends to be on software solutions that automate the service work to create a predictable and profitable service offering.

But when it comes to security, the offering needs to include focus on one of the primary attack vectors cybercriminals use to gain access to your customers: email.

Sure, you need solutions in place to scan email for malicious content and prevent it from ever reaching the user, but it’s important to also realize that some percentage of malware is going to make it through.

This means, it’s equally critical to include Security Awareness Training and Phishing Testing as part of the offering. The training educates users on the importance of playing a role in organizational security, as well as on attack tactics used – so they can spot phishing scams a mile away. The phishing testing helps you understand which users still fall for potentially harmful messages and need to be re-trained.

If your security service offering doesn’t have both security awareness training and phishing testing included, you’re leaving services revenue on the table, and leaving your customer more prone to attack. 

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