More NHS-Themed COVID-19 Vaccine Phishing

COVID-19 Vaccine PhishingA phishing campaign spoofing the UK’s National Health Service has surged its output, Infosecurity Magazine reports. Researchers at Mimecast warn that the attackers behind the campaign are sending 350% more emails than previously observed.

“The latest campaign informs recipients they have been selected for a jab based on family and medical history, using the trusted brand of the Health Service and the promise of protection from the deadly virus to socially engineer victims,” Infosecurity writes. “Information including name, date of birth and credit card details handed over by any unsuspecting recipients can then be sold on the dark web and/or used in follow-on fraud, according to Mimecast.”

Carl Wearn, head of e-crime at Mimecast, told the publication that social engineering is a key part of most cyber attacks.

“The majority of online scams rely on some form of human error, as it is far easier to compromise a single user than a whole system,” Wearn said. “Threat actors know this well and are continuing to exploit the human factor by tailoring scams to target current events and the fears of their victims. Cyber-criminals are clever and continuously adapting their tactics. Don't click on suspicious links and never open unexpected email attachments. If you are concerned about whether vaccine information is legitimate, call your GP or take an independent route to check the website.”

These types of phishing scams can be expected to continue as vaccines are rolled out around the world. Some of these scams try to convince the user to hand over their personal and financial information, while others attempt to trick the victim into installing malware. Others simply try to get the user to pay money for a phony offer of a vaccine.

New-school security awareness training can help your employees recognize and thwart social engineering attacks in their personal and professional lives.

Infosecurity Magazine has the story.

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