KnowBe4 Modstore Release: Captain Awareness Has Arrived And Is Here To Help

Cap_Aware_ThumbNailThe KnowBe4 Courseware Team is excited to announce the release of the first 6 episodes in a new comic book style animated series: Captain Awareness.

These first two-minute modules cover topics such as: GDPR, Triumph Over the Reuse of Passwords, Securing Mobile Devices, Being a Human Firewall, Staying Vigilant with USB Drives, and Working Securely From Home.

Nineteen additional micro-modules will follow in the coming months, including one for kids! 

You're invited to come check them out yourself, you can see them all by creating a free preview account on the KnowBe4 ModStore, and browse all 700+ security awareness items while you are there. 


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