[On-Demand Webinar] What Most Computer Security Defenses Are Doing Wrong and How to Fix It

Roger_Grimes_400x400.jpgMost companies have huge gaps in their computer security defenses, and can be compromised at will by a determined hacker. The industry even has a term for it: “Assume Breach”.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Join Roger A. Grimes, a 30-year computer security consultant and author of 10 books, for this live webinar where he will explore the latest research on what’s wrong with current network defenses and how they got this way.

Roger will teach you what most companies are doing wrong, why, and how to fix it. You’ll leave this webinar with a fresh perspective and an action plan to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your current computer security defenses.

In this webinar, Roger will teach you:

  • What most companies are doing wrong, why, and how to fix it
  • An action plan to improve the effectiveness of your computer security defenses
  • How to create your “human firewall”

Attend this webinar and never think about computer security the same way ever again.

Update: see this webinar on-demand now!

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