Less Than 40% of Asia-Pacific Organizations Are Confident to Stop Cyber Threats as 83% Experience At Least One Ransomware Attack a Year

Asia Pacific Cyber ThreatsWith exactly half of cybersecurity incidents caused by organizations having an outdated security posture, the ability to stop breaches involves some re-investment in measures that really work.

I’ve said it time and time before – that every organization should assume that they will eventually be the target of a potential attack and even the victim of a successful one. But, new data from ExtraHop’s newly-released Cyber Confidence Index: Asia Pacific report shows that organizations in the Asia-Pacific region of the world aren’t just feeling the pain of cyberattacks once; they are repeat victims. Of the organizations experiencing an attack in the last five years:

  • 48% had experienced 1-5 attacks
  • 35% had experienced 6 or more
  • The overall average represents about 1 attack a year

With only 39% of organizations feeling confident about their ability to stop an attack, it begs the question what are these organizations doing to improve their cybersecurity stance? According to the report, it has a lot to do with reinvesting and refocusing of cybersecurity efforts:

  1. Larger IT Security budgets in 2022
  2. 42% of organizations will invest in network detection and response
  3. 40% will increase dedicated security staff
  4. 46% will provide better training to the security staff
  5. 47% plan on implementing Security Awareness Training (as only 21% have something in place today) to educate employees to recognize social engineering cues that would identify an attempted cyberattack.

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