[On-Demand Webinar] Learn to Detect and Defend Against Supply Chain Attacks Before They Compromise Your Network

Your job is to safeguard your organization and its assets from bad actors trying to infiltrate your network. But what do you do when the threat is coming from what looks like a trusted partner or vendor? If they get hacked, the bad guys can target you based on your partnership. These attacks are incredibly hard to detect because they are actually coming from TRUSTED sources. In today's environment, you can trust no one!


Join Roger Grimes, Data-Driven Defense Evangelist at KnowBe4, for this webinar where he’ll break down supply chain attacks to help you differentiate the good guys from the bad guys. He’ll discuss:

  • How cyber criminals pulled off recent, high-profile supply chain attacks
  • Why these threats are so hard to detect
  • What you can do now to prevent these cyberattacks from compromising your organization
  • How to turn the tables on attackers and use their attempts to actually improve your security posture

Get the information you need to know now to protect your organization! 

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