Season 5 of ‘The Inside Man’ From KnowBe4 Is Less Than a Month Away!

We’re thrilled to announce that Season 5 of the award-winning Knowbe4 Original Series - “The Inside Man” is less than a month away!

Season 5 picks up straight after the emotional finale of Season 4. In Romania a ruthless corporate lawyer is securing a vast Gothic castle for an unknown client. Meanwhile the Good Shepherd team monitors the infiltration of a “has-been” social media company, “The Village,” and the transatlantic security services are forced out of the shadows to make an offer to Mark and his team at Good Shepherd Security that will pit the team against an old adversary and rewrite history. 

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KnowBe4’s network-quality video training series educates and entertains with episodes that tie security awareness principles to key cybersecurity best practices. From social engineering, CEO fraud and physical security, to social media threats, phishing and password theft, “‘The Inside Man”’ Season 5 teaches your users real-world application that makes learning how to make smarter security decisions engaging and fun.

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