[VIDEO] KnowBe4 Quarterly Product Update Video Q3-2019


Every quarter, the KnowBe4 Technical Content team creates an update of all the new content and features that have been added to our products over the last three months. Here is the October 2019 issue, covering a ton of cool new stuff that was added to your platform.

Four members of the Technical Content team created this new short video that covers the following items and more! 

  • 400+ new phishing templates, 25 new landing pages, and new landing page categories
  • 75+ new ModStore items
  • New addition to our knowledge base: A Whitelisting Wizard
  • New PhishER feature: Machine learning functionality called PhishML 
  • New feature for the Phish Alert Button: Custom confirmation messages
  • Our brand new free tool: Multi-factor Authentication Security Assessment (MASA)
  • KCM GRC now supports single sign-on and SAML 2.0 

Here is the video - warmly recommended to quickly get up to speed! 

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