New Policy Feature Added to the KnowBe4 Platform

KnowBe4 is excited to announce the introduction of the new Policy feature. The Policy feature gives you as an Admin the ability to store, distribute, and track various policy acknowledgements and agreements required of your employees as part of your security awareness training and compliance program.


You can now use training campaigns in your KnowBe4 console to assign and distribute your organization's policies. This gives you the ability to track which users have acknowledged the policies and how much time they spent reviewing the policies. You can even set an optional minimum review time for users to spend reading policies.

With the Policy feature, Admins can upload policies in pdf format to the KnowBe4 console for employees to review and accept.  With the new policy feature, you can:
  • Allow users to download the policy
  • Track time spent reviewing the policy
  • Specify a minimum amount of time to be spent on policy 
  • Set options per page or per policy acceptance text 
  • Support for multiple language versions of single policy (end user selects preferred language)

Functionally, an uploaded policy is pushed out using the KnowBe4 training campaign feature and behaves just like any course in the ModStore. This means you have the ability to assign both policies and training content in the same campaign. 

The Policy feature is available to all customers across all subscription levels.

Under the Training tab, go to Policies and learn how to use the Policy feature and start implementing policies through your console.

Check out the documentation here:

See it for yourself and get a live, one-on-one demo.

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