KnowBe4 Makes eSecurity Planet's Best Security Awareness Training for Employees 2021 List

eSecurity Planet Best Security Awareness Training KnowBe4Security awareness training has made leaps and bounds in the last couple of years. With the old-school approach, a few bagels and long, boring powerpoint presentations can only get you so far in educating your employees.

Nowadays with ransomware and phishing attacks running amuck and ruining organizations, it's important for all of your employees to be well versed in cybersecurity best practices and maintain good cyber hygiene.

KnowBe4 has made the list for Best Security Awareness Training for Employees 2021 by eSecurity Planet. If you're considering a security awareness training option eSecurity Planet suggests you should check out the following:

  • How is user management handled? Is it a manual process? You want to assess the ease of administration of whatever vendor you choose. If there are multiple systems or consoles, be sure to ask about the degree of integration between those systems
  • The volume of training content provided. How important is it to your organization to have an ongoing campaign with fresh content? A small training library means stale and infrequent training.
  • Availability of localized training and phishing content to sustain frequent training and testing internationally and in multiple languages.
  • Is the vendor dedicated to best-of-breed security awareness training as its core focus, or is it an add-on to a wide variety of products that are simply bundled together?
  • What does customer support look like and how well is it reviewed?
  • Find out how many capabilities come with the subscription level. What functionality is included versus what requires managed services and extra fees, including integration?
  • What reporting and support features are included with the subscription?
  • Is customized and branded training content important? If so, check to see if branding capabilities are in the platform.

eSecurity Planet has the full story

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