KnowBe4 Gets 1st place for the Tampa Best Places To Work

TWP_TampaBay_2016_AW-1.pngWe're stoked here. We got 1st place for the Tampa Best Places To Work - small business category!!!

The Tampa Bay Times has a yearly "Best Places To Work" contest, and surveys the employees of hundreds of companies to find out what the employees think about their job.

The article about KnowBe4 started out with: "Phishing. Ransomware. CEO fraud.  These are the cybersecurity scams awash in the world start-up company KnowBe4 was created to defend against. Its business — providing security awareness training to banks, businesses and organizations — is booming as hacker attacks continue to escalate.  This company specializes in training company employees, particularly at banks, but also very large household name companies. The mission: To show how not to be fooled by clever hackers. Whether hackers "knock" online with seductive emails or try so-called "social engineering" by sweet-talking directly by phone, these bad guys are trying to convince workers to unknowingly allow them access to corporate computer systems in order to make an illegal buck."

Read the whole article and see the Tampa Bay Times "#1" article here.

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